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We believe the residents of East Hampton Village are our most important attribute. They should play an important role in shaping the thoughtful evolution of the village we love, along with the businesses that make a lively and prosperous commercial core. 

We need people in charge who have experience, a vision for the future, and the ability to get things done. Our party, The Elms Party, has proven that we can work effectively with town, county and state officials to accomplish this.

Vision for the Future

  • A vibrant downtown area that takes into account the best interests of the residents. (noise and congestion for instance)
  • Clean water bodies to protect our drinking water and provide safe recreation. 
  • An updated Comprehensive Plan, the strategic blueprint guiding the overall vision for the village.
  • Workforce housing as an important component of a vibrant village core.


Getting Things Done

  • Pushing forward new wastewater treatment in the commercial core to accommodate more restaurants and workforce housing in the village.
  • Expanding Herrick Park in the heart of the Village by purchasing adjacent land.
  • Helping local businesses affected by the COVID pandemic, allowing restaurants and other businesses to expand outdoor seating.  Also legislating to allow take-out facilities (without table service) to accommodate up to 16 seats.

  • Creating more flexible downtown parking  The innovative new system will use license plate readers to set flexible time limits for the lots as well as on-street parking. 

  • Improving safety and convenience at local beaches by installing Wi-Fi at Main Beach and Georgica Beach.

  • Restricting noise from gas-powered leaf blowers and other landscaping and construction noise.

  • Preserving open space and historical buildings (without raising taxes) using Community Preservation Program funds, as well as village and private funding.

  • Instituting a Deer Management program to keep the deer population under control, which will be expanded upon in the coming year. This program works within the legal hunting restrictions and is for expert bow hunters who are carefully vetted and make use of the meat themselves or donate it to local food pantries.
  • Dredging Town Pond this coming fall to return it to a healthy state. It has taken years of study and acquiring permits for this work and we are pleased that it is finally coming to fruition. Dredging, along with the use of filters in drains and the beautiful rain garden that was installed on the green to filter run-off into the pond, will help us maintain the pond’s health going forward. 

Experience to Lead

We are three lifelong residents of East Hampton Village who have a vested interest in how our village is led and we believe that we are the best people to do it. Among the three of us, we have over 40 YEARS IN GOVERNMENT, over 80 years of experience as volunteers in the Emergency Service Department as active members of our Fire Department and Ambulance Association (including administrative positions), significant experience in other community service positions including holding board positions on the East Hampton Healthcare Foundation, the Southampton Hospital Association, the Town License Review Board, and the East Hampton Historical Society. 

We have contacts on all levels of government that can assist us with shaping the future of this place that we love. We are involved, community minded individuals who have the honesty and integrity to do what is right for the Village residents. We have proven ourselves to be flexible and engaged and understand the needs of both the residential and business community as we own businesses in the village as well as live here. 


Village Election
September 15th
Noon to 9pm @ EMS Building


The Elms Party
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