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About Ray

Ray Harden, ingrained with a strong sense of community, has made the care and protection of East Hampton his life's work.

Ray was just two years old when his family moved to East Hampton in 1965. The sixth child of seven, his childhood was filled with bike rides to the ocean and trips to mom-and-pop shops for after school sweets. Grateful for having grown up in East Hampton, Ray has spent his adulthood giving back to the community.

Looking to enhance the architecture of East Hampton, Ray worked for Riverhead Building Supply for 16 years before entering the construction business. He worked for Ben Krupinski Builder for the last 16 years, and just recently took over ownership of the company.

Protective of the community, Ray served as Chief of the East Hampton Fire Department, where he is a 20-year member. Currently, he is a Fire Coordinator for the Suffolk County 9th Division and President of the East Hampton Village Fireman's Benevolent Association.

Ray serves as vice chairman on the East Hampton Village Zoning Board and is a member of the East Hampton Town Licensing Review Board.

Ray loves and respects the history of East Hampton, and recognizes the recent strains tourism has placed on the community. The preservation of East Hampton's heritage, Ray believes, is more important now than ever before.

Nevertheless, Ray is hopeful for East Hampton's future. He understands the village must adapt in order to protect the vitality and longevity of its community. Ray is committed to cooperatively building a framework that allows future generations to both uphold East Hampton's legacy and thrive from modern-day successes.


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