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Our Vision

We believe the Village Board holds the assets of the Village in trust for the residents and taxpayers and we pledge to protect the natural environment and historic character of the Village of East Hampton consistent with the vision of village residents whom we serve.

The beauty and rural character of the village surroundings must be preserved and protected. The cleanliness of our streets and beaches, the safety of our homes and neighborhoods, architecture of historic buildings, carefully landscaped parks and public spaces, and water quality of our ponds, ocean, and groundwater - are important in preserving the historic character and healthy environment that we value and need to take care of.

We want the quality of life for village residents to be our highest priority and will strive to be available whenever needed by our constituents. We will encourage a healthy and active commercial core while maintaining the commercial district boarders and protecting the residents peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

We encourage healthy dialogue about village issues and are open to all opinions and will strive to maintain this place we all love for future generations to enjoy.

The Elms Party
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