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Does Not Hesitate
East Hampton

April 26, 2020

Dear David,

I am writing to endorse Ray Harden for village trustee. Ray is a dedicated public servant. He has served as chief of the East Hampton Fire Department, currently serves as Suffolk County fire coordinator, and is a class-A firefighter. He is vice chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals, a member of the town licensing board, and president of the East Hampton Fire Department Benevolent Association.

In his professional life, Ray worked closely with Ben Krupinski, until Ben’s untimely death in 2018, and believes deeply that we each have a responsibility to care for our community and those who need support — from the elderly to our local churches. Ray does not hesitate to put his money where his mouth is, for example, when the village needs a new roof for the gazebo in Herrick Park or local schools need help constructing a playground.

Ray is a devoted father and grandfather. He resides in the village and understands that the interests of year-round residents and seasonal homeowners are dependent on strong leadership.

As candidates compete for our vote in this election cycle, Ray represents those of us who require little bluster and perform great jobs by the willingness to show up and get the job done.

I hope you will support my friend Ray Harden for village trustee.


The Elms Party
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