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Comprensive Plan Update

One of the issues the Village Board needs to address is the need for an updated Comprehensive Plan for the Village. With sea-level rise and global warming new issues of importance, and resources available now in the area of renewable energy, there are many reasons to look again at our direction and priorities as a community. In addition, water quality, preservation, green space, workforce housing, parking, and traffic are more acute today than they were twenty years ago and new technology, science, and viewpoints should be discussed and considered going forward.
In the late 1990s the East Hampton Village Board of Trustees formed a committee of stakeholders, both residents and business owners, to discuss the future direction of East Hampton Village. Barbara Borsack, who was at that time a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, was chosen to chair what would become the Comprehensive Plan Committee. When Barbara was asked to run for a seat on the village board in the 2000 election, she was replaced as chair of the committee by member Susan Ecker, who skillfully guided the committee to complete their task.
For the following two years the committee met regularly to talk about concerns and desires for the village, and the Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the village board in 2002. The plan’s vision statement begins with “The Village of East Hampton treasures its extraordinary natural beauty and the architectural styles added by generations of residents who sought to enhance the natural beauty of the area rather than to overwhelm such rare splendor.” It goes on to address the protection and preservation of the character of the village, seeking to secure the limits of the areas occupied by industrial and commercial enterprises as related to the area reserved for residential. Maintenance of open green spaces, historic structures, and quality of life were emphasized as being of utmost importance.
One of the results of this plan was the formation of the Village Planning and Zoning Committee, who were to meet regularly to continue the work of examining and updating the code as necessary. While this work has continued, and the Planning and Zoning Committee has been a valuable part of the Village’s advisory boards, the document of 2002 also recommends updating the comprehensive plan every twenty years. 
We strongly support the updating of the Comprehensive Plan and agree that this year, twenty years later as recommended by the original committee, is the right time to once again gather a group of stakeholders together to carefully and thoughtfully update the Comprehensive Plan for our present day. 


Photo by Richard Lewin


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