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Letter to editor East Hampton Star

Tired of It
East Hampton
November 18, 2019
Dear David,
I am not one to write letters to The Star but after the constant articles on and letters from Jerry Larsen, I now feel compelled. Quite frankly, I, and many others, are tired of it and are more concerned in the affairs of this beautiful village. It is a shame how personal this has become for him, and none of this has to do with the issues, so I am going to be as quick and precise as possible.

It is a well-known fact that Mr. Larsen is renting a one-bedroom apartment in the Village of East Hampton. It is also very well known that he is not living there. Therefore, he is not paying village taxes — the village that he cares so much about.

Another fact is that apparently, his contract was not renewed as chief of police. While he received some awards and recognition, it is obvious that he abused his powers and responsibilities while being the chief.

My question would be: What were those abuses?
I think the above says something about Mr. Larsen’s character and, quite frankly, I don’t think this is someone I would want making decisions regarding the village. Let’s stop the finger pointing and stating untruths.

I anticipate that next week Mr. Larsen will take this, twist it, turn it around, and try to defend himself, once again. That only serves for Mr. Larsen to get some self-satisfaction, nothing to do with his vision for this village, which makes me wonder what his real motives are.

I urge him to stick to the issues of the village and stay away from any further mud slinging. Enough is enough! Move on!

Respectfully yours,

The Elms Party
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