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Happy New Year 2020!

There are many exciting things happening in your village that we would like to inform you about. One of these issues is how to improve the vitality of the commercial center when the age of internet shopping and large corporate interests are impacting local business, while we continue to protect the village residential areas.

We are mindful that public parking is in short supply and that new technology and parking design may help increase efficient use of the limited space available. The antiquated individual septic systems of the commercial properties in the village center limit options for different uses that could improve the mix of businesses, and improved sewage treatment will substantially upgrade water quality.

These issues began to overlap as water quality determines types of businesses that can exist in the commercial core, and second story apartments over shops could increase commercial core activity, but are prohibited by Suffolk County Health requirements.

Also, we must always guard against the type change that could destroy the historic character and charm of the Village of East Hampton.

After much discussion the village decided that the residents would best be served by hiring a professional consulting firm who would study all possible solutions and help the village board and residents make decisions. The firm Nelson, Pope, and Vorhees was hired this fall and the first meeting with them and the citizens advisory groups was held in October. The village is looking forward to working with them on these important initiatives.

Furthermore, last year the village was able to purchase two adjoining properties to Herrick Park and we look forward to expanding the boundaries of the park in the near future. As part of that project the village hired a landscape design firm who presented the preliminary plans they have developed at a public meeting in December. We have been listening to feedback from that presentation and will continue to fine tune those plans. We anticipate seeing some of those planned improvements in the coming year.

These are two of the exciting things that are in the works. We look forward to updating you and communicating again in the near future. There are good things happening in 2020!

The Elms Party

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